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The Love Bracelet Spell


The Love Bracelet Spell Ingredients: 100 apple seeds, needles, red thread, red candle. Light a candle. Pass the thread into the needle and start stringing the apple seeds, representing all the qualities you want in your chosen one. Pronounce them out loud. When finished, tie Read More »

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Aphrodite Love Spell


Aphrodite Love Spell Ingredients: a square or a circle of pink or crimson fabric (which does not fade), 10 cm in diameter, 20 cm suitable tape two or three teaspoons of dried thyme. Place the cloth on your altar, or just become a face to Read More »

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Bottle of Love Spell


Bottle of Love Spell Ingredients: Rose Water (sold in pharmacies), two pinches of dried lavender, 2 spoons of rose petals, a bottle. Keep your hands between the petals. Charge them with love (Imagine the power of love flowing in them). Put in a bottle. Keep Read More »

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Love Spell with the “Does he love me” Flower


Love Spell with the "Does he love me" Flower Ingredients: daisy (camomile), a bowl of water Focus on a clear image of the person who you like. Keep your flower petals one by one and throw one into the water. Repeat the old spell "He Read More »

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