Love SpellsLove Spell with the “Does he love me” Flower

Love Spell with the "Does he love me" Flower

Ingredients: daisy (camomile), a bowl of water

Focus on a clear image of the person who you like.

Keep your flower petals one by one and throw one into the water. Repeat the old spell "He loves me" then, "He doesn’t love me" and keep going until a petal will stop and stay still. The last remaining petal would be the answer. To verify the accuracy of the answer, take the bowl in your hands and look at the water. Ask yourself: "Dreams of him (her) will float or sink?". Look into the bowl and listen to your heart. When looking at the petals, do you feel happy or sad? If you feel happy and petals float on the surface, his feelings for you is mutual. If you feel sad and the petals are drowning – then the opposite. In this case, you will be lucky next time.

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