Wiccan Spells

In this section we put all sorts of magic and other practices that help you find happiness, health and beauty and so forth. But before getting to the spells, I strongly recommend you read the theory, as it is the foundation of your success in Witchcraft. Without an understanding of theology, concept of Wicca and magic in general, your magic likely will not work.

Cast the Circle thrice about
To keep the evil spirits out.
To bind the spell every time
Let the spell be spake in rhyme.
“The Wiccan Rede”

Wiccan spells presented here are usually not so different from many other spells you’ve probably seen or experienced in your life. Spells that related to many different magickal or less magickal traditions and practiced by a lot of people around the world.
Wiccan spells are special in a way because of the adherence to some of the Wicca religion and Wiccan traditions practiced by its followers.
When you think of Wiccan traditions you understand that there are two paths one can choose. Well at least two popular paths to be precise.
One of the paths is Gardnerian Wicca and the second path is Eclectic Wicca.
On Wicca Spells we try to loose the dogmas and the straight rules directed by the Gardnerian Wicca as we feel that Wicca is all about freedom, freedom of thought, speech and freedom of will.
Remember the Wiccan Rede which states:

“An ye harm none, do what ye will”

Concluding our attitude towards the different traditions we simply choose the most logical way, the way of freedom, something we think most Wiccans demands deep inside their souls. Some will say that this is simply an easier way, that it is ease of it that drives us to choose the same freedom we so much like and that the reasoning is mostly wrong. Well the answer for naysayers in this case will be simple, freedom in Wicca is highly important and sometimes it is above all other statements or rules dictated by anyone in the community no matter what his or her rank is.
Freedom is something we all should be longing for and we should always try to reach the maximum state of freedom on our great spiritual journey to become true Wiccans and follow the Craft in our daily life.
Back to Wiccan Spells we can again say that these spells should adhere to the previously discussed truths and so such spells might be different from spells that you might of seen in the other magickal doctrines.
It is important to remember that Wiccan spells can be casted by any of you at any given time or place. Now we know that some people and activists in the Wiccan community try to give the impression, mostly to the beginners, that Wiccan spells can be casted only by the “chosen ones”, the most powerful, the special kind of witches. They and they alone can cast spells because only they possess the mighty power of spell casting.
So lets begin with telling that all of this is simply not true. There are no special witches, there are no “the most powerful witch”, you can mostly do the same with you own power and will.
There are of course experienced witches with a lot of power but that does not mean that you cannot reach the same levels of power as they possess and you cannot cast similar spells.
You can and you will, if you sacrifice enough, if you learn, give, and if you dare. Practicing witchcraft can be very demanding but it is also very rewarding so just gather your internal power and direct it to this task, the task of learning how to cast unique and genuine Wiccan Spells.
You can continue browse this section as it will include some of the common Wiccan Spells and Rituals, reading these spells will give you the idea of how your spells could be casted and give you a starting point in the wonderful world of Wiccan Spells and Witchcraft.

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