Love SpellsAphrodite Love Spell

Aphrodite Love Spell

Ingredients: a square or a circle of pink or crimson fabric (which does not fade), 10 cm in diameter, 20 cm suitable tape two or three teaspoons of dried thyme.

Place the cloth on your altar, or just become a face to the North and put the cloth on the ground / floor in front of you. Sprinkle thyme in the middle of the fabric. A few minutes sit quietly, imagining that your life is already necessary to your love. Clearly represents the type you want your man. Take your time, describing him, his appearance, personality, lifestyle, tastes – all that is important to you. Visualize all this minute, but do not worry about a particular person. Stretch your hands palms down on the fabric and send their power to witch grass. Feel the energy flowing from your hands – they will be warm. Take an athame and draw a pentagram on the ground herbs, or do it with the index finger. Thrice say:

Aphrodite, I pray

Draw the love to me.

Carefully pick up the ends of the cloth, to get kind of bag of herbs inside. Tie a neck ribbon. Know that you are communicating with your desire, it is now yours. Thank the Goddess. Keep a small bag in your purse or pocket and extra recharge during the celebration of holidays or Wheel of the Year.

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