Love Spells That Work

Wiccans are not manipulated by anyone and they do not override people, because Wiccans do not violate someone else’s will, the will of people and gods. This is the Love Spells section, you will find here Wiccan Love Spells that Work! Remember magick love spells can be very powerful and so you must use these witch love spells with a great care and caution. It can take some time until a single love spell works and you will see the results so be patient!

Witchcraft Love Spells are very powerful, efficient and energetic – that’s why such spells are so in demand. They can help smooth out problems in an existing relationship or may deepen the love and passion in a relationship or stuck in the doldrums you may attract the love of an unknown.

You must cast some very effective love spells to get true love. These spells will do wonders and will also strengthen the commitment and happiness in a relationship with your lover. But please use with extreme caution, lack of authenticity, seriousness and sincerity of feelings or desires can have a negative effect.

Wiccan Love Spell example to attract love

To remove obstacles and barriers being noticed by a wonderful lover and open your heart, you can use this simple Wiccan Love Spell. This spell must be performed in total peace after freeing time specially for it and a quiet environment.

This involves taking a shower or a bath fragrant herbs. You must first take an adequate amount of essential oil of rose and a natural sea salt or salt bath. Take a handful of bath salt. Then you must run the hot bath. Mix in water with salt and mix the essential oil. Listen to inspiring music while enjoying your relaxing bath. After you finished – dress in clean clothing.

Wear your favorite outfit.

Then the light scented candles and incense or aromatic and organize multiple colored flowers to facilitate the arrival of a new lover in your life. Create a Wiccan altar by placing a clean cloth on the table. Then arrange flowers or red roses on the altar. It is best to use some scented roses. Then you have to arrange four candles red or green in four corners of the altar in each cardinal direction – West, East, South and North. If colored candles are not available, you can safely use white candles.

On the altar, you must place a piece of rose quartz.

Take a suitable container and heat the incense of love in it. Place the container on a hot charcoal. Some herbs are ideal incense, lavender or pink or you can pay for a store bought mix of love incense.

Then you must loudly declare your sincere desire to love with full and complete sincerity. Speak in a language in which you are most comfortable. Then you have to meditate for a few minutes.

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