Runes can be used as a tool for fortune telling. They have a very ancient history..

According to one legend, the runes were created by the god Odin of his blood in order to quell the chaos admitted to the universe …
If used improperly, without the proper knowledge, runes can be dangerous … without knowledge, creation of the the combinations is not recommended.

Runes are both alphabet , through which information is transmitted , and magical symbols that have special meaning. Runes – this is the most ancient alphabet, the so-called runic script that was used by ancient Scandinavian and Germanic peoples , they were used for religious and commemorative inscriptions. Each rune carries a certain informational and magical significance , they were used during ceremonies and cults, they were amulets and talismans , so runes are respected and never used for games.

25 runes form the alphabet of the ancient Germans , Scandinavians and Anglo- Saxons. Each of the 24 runes ( + one blank ) has its own symbol , the carrier message you want to discover , to learn oracle ( prediction) .

Thurisaz ( help) – this rune means of patronage, you an expect good news and change.
Mannaz ( man ) – This rune symbolizes a person , it is your own properties, you have to exercise as often as possible in order to get better.
Algiz ( protection) – very favorable rune foreboding patronage of an influential person.
Kenaz ( beginning) – Optimistic fleece, heralds the start or resumption .
Raido ( journey ) – heralds a change of location , travel
Uruz ( certainty ) – a positive development and changes in business life.
Gebo ( Partner) – broadcasts about the world, social gatherings with friends, generosity in business and cooperation.
Wunjo ( joy ) – the joy of creative , intellectual or scientific work , pleasure in romantic relationships from the divided feelings.
Eiwaz ( danger ) – This rune is the idea of ​​risk , which can be overcome .
Perthro ( secret ) – This is quite a mysterious rune , as she talks about the hidden events.
Laguz ( imagination ) – Rune tells about intuition , ability, imagination.
Isa ( ice) – tells about any obstacle , a cold snap relationship with someone.
Fehu ( wealth ) – predicts wealth.
Othala ( matter) – wealth , patriotism , inheritance , money , success in business life.
Ingwaz ( performance ) – an implementation of the planned
Hagalaz ( deg ) – an unexpected problems and difficulties encountered in daily life
Naudhiz ( time) – be patient , careful , tough , look no action and reflection
Sowilo ( sun ) – symbolizing victory, implementation desire and luck
Ansuz ( knowledge) – broadcasts about knowledge and learning and offers you to test your knowledge with a more knowledgeable person
Ehwaz ( horse) – means a change of place of work , traveling or moving to a new apartment.
Jera ( earth) – symbolizes what has been sown and will soon bear fruit
Dagaz ( day) – a positive rune expressing and improvement
Tiwaz ( boom) – prompts you to adopt an action plan , and without losing the spirit of competition to strive for victory .
Berkano ( fertility ) – heralds the birth of a child , a wedding , the improvement of living conditions of your life.
Odin ( fate ) – Oracle reserves the right not to answer …

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