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Helen Kuhn Weight Loss Journey


Helen Kuhn Weight Loss Journey With pleasure will I Helen Kuhn tell my story. I Am from South Afica, new to Wicca. I was a little scared at first but being a firm believer of reincarnation and my own believe of a higher energy; I Read More »

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Magic Circle


Magic Circle The magic circle is a sacred space, a kind of temple, in which Wiccans perform witchcraft. The circle helps us gain magic power to protect us from negative energy, and fine-tune the desired image during the ritual. Creating a magic circle is a Read More »

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The Knot Magic


Knot Magic Knot magic is another relatively simple method, which can be used alone or in combination with other methods. Generally, in knot magic you have to do the following: choose the color and length of your cord. Determine what cord you will use, a Read More »

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What Wiccans Don’t Do


What Wiccans Don’t Do The Wiccans do not do the following: 1. Cause physical, mental, emotional or magical damage. They take an oath to help people, not harm them. 2. Do not deal with the black magic – as seen in different movies shown at Read More »

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Moving The Clouds


Moving The Clouds To begin, select a place of conduct. Locate a small cloud in the sky. Try to remember the cloud in your mind as a physical picture rather than verbal descriptions. Afterwards, close your eyes without losing sight of the cloud. In doing Read More »

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Controlling Someone’s Dreams


Controlling Someone’s Dreams This spell is actually built largely on visualization, it is suitable for experienced people with advanced witchcraft imagination, trained in visualization and confident in its strength. Focus your attention on the right person. Imagine round cloud, walk through it, and ¬†you will Read More »

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Nature Walk


Nature Walk One of the most useful lessons a spell caster can learn is a normal walk in the nature and familiarity with its rich gifts. Wherever you live on the sea-shore, in a forest or in a big city, you can always find time Read More »

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Getting Answers in a Dream


Getting Answers in a Dream Do you want to get an answer to an important matter? You do not know how to act in any given situation? All you will need is : a yellow piece of paper, fresh or dried rose petals (any color), Read More »

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The Beautiful Voice Spell


The Beautiful Voice Spell This spell is for occasions when you want to sing well in a performance, in rehearsals or anywhere. Take gray (preferably) or white candle, lubricate it with red oil. Pour spring water into a bowl, Ignite wows “opium” and say : Read More »

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Invisibility Spell


Invisibility Spell This spell of invisibility requires some experience and mental strength. You memorize a poem, and after a long period of time your physical body becomes blurred when you repeat it for a while. No, you do not disappear in front of everyone. But Read More »

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