Samhain, Celtic New Year.



The period between Mabon and Samhain is finally over, this is the time when we assess the “Harvest” that this year brought us. Assess, select the desirable parts to take with us for the following year, and leave the unnecessary “in the fields”, dump it , leave it to the frost. Some say (that is what I hear) that some of the things actually disappear from peoples life during this period, people leave, break up, discover something new, or someone new . That’s the mystery , the magic of this period, that something is happening, and of course (it should only take a closer look and a proper understanding ) without our selection, decision, intervention.

“Samhain – is an annual celebration of the end of the harvest, the end of summer, the beginning of the cold growth and a dark time of the year. It is also a time of hope , because the fire of our hearts rebel against the cold of the winter and thus we start planning for the next year. The veil between the worlds is so thin that the spirits of the loved ones penetrate through it and we feel it inside ourselves. This is time we say goodbye to those who left us during the year and it is also time to plan for the coming year.”

Candle should be placed on the window sill and it will point out (just like a lighthouse) the pathway for the souls who are willing to come and help you. At this time, the boundary between the spirit world and the human world becomes thin and the spirits can enter into our world . On the night of the October 30-31, the gates between the worlds already opened. At night, a refreshments plate is placed on the street for the souls of the dead. Deceased loved ones, friends and relatives recalled but without any regret. This is a good time for divination and predictions.

Apples , pumpkins , squash, autumn flowers are placed on the Holidays Altar. three brown candles placed on the altar that day, symbolizing the decay of the vegetation . All that is left in the fields, now owned by the cold and the frost.

Two candles symbolize the Festival of the God and the Goddess – Dagda and Morrigan. Dagda – Father of everyone and everything represents the generosity of the crop. Morrigan – the forerunner of the death represents the empty fields.
A small ritual. A wheel with eight spokes (clockwise) is painted on a flat dish. It is a symbol of the Sabbath, the symbol of infinity. Loved ones recalled – 8 candles and a censer ignited around the perimeter of the wheel. The Goddess and the God are summoned. Pomegranate is taken, piece is cut and grain is placed in the circle. Rod is taken and words pronounced: (it is an example, as a food for thought, it would be better to adjust the words for yourselves, they should awake a response in your soul, a resonance):

“Tonight , at Samhain, I mark Your way, oh King of the Sun, the path of the sunset. I mark the way to the country of the eternal youth for everyone who is gone and everyone who will come. Oh, the beautiful goddess , eternal Mother. She who gives birth, teach me how to find a great light during the Great Darkness!”

Pomegranate seeds then placed in your mouth and must be crushed with your teeth. Feel the Taste of it.. Look at the wheel, light a candle and say:

“Wise – Lady waning of the moon, the Goddess of the starry night, I lit the flame to change what hurts me. Turn the forces backward, from the darkness to light! From death to life!”

Then light a previously prepared note written in red ink describing what you want to get rid of (disease, some qualities of your character, habits, misery, a situation that you want to change, and so on and so forth ), anything you would like to leave in the past year. Put the burning note in a special bowl on an altar and while it burns down, imagine how everything you would like to get rid of burns in the fire of the Universe.

Samhain Symbols: Harvest, the Dark Mysteries, Rebirth through Death. Pumpkins, apples, black cats, flashlights.
Samhain Plants: Wormwood, pimento, oak leaves, rhizome mandrake, sage, straw.
Samhain Products: Pumpkins, apples, nuts, turnips, mulled wine, pork, beef and poultry.
Essences Samhain: Mint, nutmeg Samhain Colors : Black, Orange , White, Silver, Gold.
Stones of Samhain: All Black Stones, particularly obsidian.

Second ritual, festival of Samhain, the Night of the ancestors, Celtic New Year , October 31.
Ritual objects – In addition to your magic items, you will need:

The altar should be orange
1 pot
1 black candle pointed to the Goddess
1 black pointed candle for the God
2 Candlestick
1 Black ritual candle
1 White ritual candle
1 Apple
Fruit Dish
Vegetables and Bread
Photos and small items of your deceased relatives and loved ones
Samhain Incense ( Menthol apple, nutmeg )

Clear the site for the ritual. Protect your circle by using a black cord, ground around the perimeter or salt. Put the black candle of the Goddess at the top left of the altar. Put the black candle of the God at the top right of the altar. Put the black ritual candle in the pot and place it on the ground in front of the altar.

A fruit dish, vegetables and bread are placed between the Goddess and the God at the top of the altar. Place the apple and the seeds in the center of the altar, possibly at the Pentacle. Arrange the remaining personal items as you wish. Take a bath or a shower. If you have some magical jewelry (rings, pendants, amulets, etc.) put it on.

Sit in meditation in the center of the circle. When ready, put on some quiet suitable music. Light the candle of the Goddess and say, “Mother of Darkness, Ruler of the Night, Goddess of Death and Rebirth, hear and behold your children that honor you and your world. We stand before You and ask for blessings and grace. Raise the veil between the two worlds – the World of the departed and the living world, so that we can communicate with our loved ones gone to the “Island of Eternal Summer”, Step back from the altar and focus on the candle of the Goddess.

Mentally wish to speak with someone from your family, some one who is departed from this world. When you feel that your request is accepted, light the black candle of the God with the words: ” Father of Darkness, Lord of the Otherworld, hear and behold your children thee and thy world. I stand between you and your Goddess and ask for blessings and grace. At this time of completion – time of achievements, be the Guardian for my ancestors, relatives and loved ones, they who are on their way to the country of the “Eternal Summer”
Step back from the altar and focus on the candle of the God. If the flame flickers and it is growing, you may continue.

If not, then mentally send your love to those of your loved ones who have gone to another world. As soon as you feel that the request is accepted, step back from the altar and take the apple with the words:
“Tonight is the night when the barrier between the two worlds became thin, spirits reach us and are among us. These are the souls of loved ones, friends , enemies, pets and the wildlife, fish and the ravens. We are all part of the process together with the Elves, fairies, wood spirits.”

Cut the apple in the form of a pentagram. Take a piece of the apple and put it back on the Pentacle. Now take a magic rod to bless the Holiday and the gifts.
Move it on top of the treats – fruit, vegetables, bread, etc.. and say:
“I leave these gifts on my doorstep. Candle burns all night in my window, it will help my loved ones find their way during the night. Mother Goddess and Father God, bless my gifts.”
Put back the rod on the altar, step back and lay your head. Stand in silence for a few minutes under a blessing.

Continue by lighting the black candle and say:
“Mother of Darkness, your pot is the source of death and rebirth, the Father of Darkness your sword is protection from enemies. Hear me now, when present is dying to be reborn again. Today everything is Harvested and the year is completed. Let all the good things come with us into the next year, and all the bad stay. With your blessing and your protection I step into the New Year. May health, prosperity and good luck be with me!”

Take a black candle and light a white one with it. Say:
“As a new year is born, we are reborn with new hopes and goals. Lead me in the coming year, just as in the past, Give me strength, luck and the courage to know. Help me in achieving my goals!”
Snuff out the black candle and take it away. Put the white candle in the center of the altar. Look at the flame of the candle and think about the goals and events that you are planning for next year. Then say:
“Every beginning has an end, each end is the beginning of something new. In The Life there is Death and in Death there is Life. Look at me, my beloved, my brothers and sisters, those who are here and those who already gone. All who gathered tonight together again to celebrate this holiday. We lit fires and candles, fire is burning inside our hearts. Bless us all! Guide us and protect us! Tonight and throughout the year! Blessed be! Blessed Be! Blessed be! Blessed Be!
While pronouncing “Blessed Be!” Extend your hands over the altar, as if you want to hug all the relatives, loved ones, ancestors, and all the inhabitants of the earth, all who have come to you today. On the second time you pronounce “Blessed Be!” Hug yourself with reborn love and dignity. Now it is time for meditation and plots.

Plots should be directed only for defense, well-being and the prevention of harm. If plots are not planned, then we proceed to the celebration with cupcakes, wine and other refreshments.
Remove the Circle and clean the place. Let the white candle burn out anywhere. You can put it on the window or it can be left on the altar.

A candle should be left on the window burning all night and lighting the way for the souls of the departed.

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