Moon Phases

Possible forms of the New Moon:

• fatigue, depression;
• A good time to start new things, but no earlier than 12 hours after the accurate New Moon phase.

Possible forms of the Half Moon:

• surplus of power;
• nervousness, aggressiveness.

Possible forms of the First Quarter of the Moon:

• irritability, nervousness;
• mistakes, misunderstandings, being late.

Possible forms of the Third Quarter of the Moon:

Same as the First Quarter.

Possible forms of Sun Eclipse :

• fatigue, depression;
•The next two days is the wrong time to start new things.


Possible forms of Moon Eclipse:

Same as the Sun Eclipse

Moon without a Course:

This is how the the situation is called, when the moon goes out of the sign of Zodiac, and it does not make the closing aspects to other planets. This usually occurs once every 2-3 days, and lasts from a few minutes to hours. It is believed that any efforts in this period will produce a weak effect.

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