Most known and famous spell casters believe in reincarnation: that the soul lives several lives in the human body, as part of their spiritual development, which ends when it reached perfection and the soul is merging with the divine consciousness, or moving from the human form of divine to another stage of existence. The concept of reincarnation exists  thousands of years, thriving in almost every part of the world. It is not accepted by many forms of Christianity. Reincarnation has never been scientifically proven, but there are thousands of examples of people who have inexplicable knowledge associated with their past lives.

Belief in reincarnation existed in the West since ancient times. First, the Egyptians believed that reincarnation happens only in extraordinary souls who become great leaders of mankind. Gradually, this view has changed, and reincarnation associated with all souls. Persian prophet Zarathustra, who lived near VI century BC. E. , Taught reincarnation. Greek philosophers, such as Pythagoras, and Plato, also believed in reincarnation. The belief in reincarnation has been distributed to Judaism around XVIII century. Stories about reincarnation appeared in the writings of early Christians, but disappeared when the 533-year study of past life has been declared anathema.

Some modern magicians say their belief in reincarnation comes from the Celts. Celts believed in the revival (and this is not the same as reincarnation). According to V. I. Venttsem celtic esoteric doctrine revival not rely on personal immortality, but immortality is a general law, which was confirmed by specific transformation of the people. Celt also believed that it was possible for people to turn into gods, which again come to the land as a great divine teacher, to help the human race move forward. Druids, caste priests from Italy, seems to believe in the immortality of each person – and again, this is not the same as reincarnation. The Romans and Greeks has been particularly impressed with their beliefs. Greek writer Diordus Sikulus (wrote about 60-30 years BC. BC) Saying that he believes that the souls of people immortal and that after a certain number of years, they will live a second life when the soul is transferred into another body. ” The Greek philosopher Straban (about 1963 BC. E. 1921-present. BC)  believed that “the soul of life and the universe are non destructible, although at times it can be prevailed by fire or water.”

Reincarnation is part of the Witchcraft Wicca doctrine. Among spell casters and witches the belief in reincarnation sometimes varies. Generally regarded as the reincarnation of the natural life of the wheel, the ongoing cycle of birth-death-rebirth, and this is essential for the spiritual teachings of all souls. Some more inclined towards the Hindu concept of reincarnation, that person remains intact; Every action has consequences, either in the present or the future. Good deeds equals good karma, and accelerate the development of the soul, bad actions have destructive, negative karma and the negative  soul. Gardner strongly believed in controlled reincarnation. It is magic that controls changes in the  karma.

However, some Islamic believers and the Hindu have the concept that people could resurface in the body of an animal and that it is caused by bad karma. Most believe that animals and other life forms reincarnate in accordance with their spiritual signature.

Some magicians have Buddhist concept of rebirth, that the identity of the individual, disintegrated with the death sends sparks that ignite new incarnation. Personality cannot be reincarnated, but its properties  move to the general fund, in which a new identity is formed.

A widely spread superstition is that the soul after death becomes a special state called Summerland (Country eternal summer); This is the first of three levels of love in the world. Summerland troubled-level illusion of a self created reality, reflecting a happy life on earth, without its problems. Then soul moves from one state to another, where preparations are under way for the next incarnation.

Many Islamic believers explored memories of the past to life through meditation and in some cases, a return to an earlier stage of existence through hypnosis. Many doctors say they remember former life, when they were healers, witches or priests, including episodes in which they were killed by inquisition.

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