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Singing and Musical Instruments in Wicca

When we sing, play flute or pound on a drum, we produce sounds. Through these sounds spirit, we pray to our spirit. The rhythm soothes the mind and allows it to move in the so-called “alpha condition” natural for all people. When you are eating, watching TV, driving or reading, your mind is in “alpha condition.” That is, it allows us to be able to deal more effectively with witchcraft. So, how much time you can devote to music in your spell casting rituals? As much as you want. You can play in the clarinet, pounding on a drum or listen to music. This is perfectly normal. You can devote the music to god, written and performed by someone else.

The secret within playing instruments in rituals is that you start very slowly and quietly, then collect all the energy and play louder and faster, until it comes ┬áto releasing the stored energy. If you work with a group of friends at the end of session leader says “every … two … three … four … five!” At the expense of “5” is no longer roll and release energy. Usually the main instrument is the drum as it is the most profound sound, which sets the tone for the rest.

Before the exercises with drums, think about positive things and choose a rhythm to it. For example, you can say “I will protect the spirit, the spirit heal me” or “I passed the exam.” Start slowly while feeling the rhythm of the words, and then gradually accelerate it. When you think that you have enough energy, stop and release it.

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