Wealth SpellsThe Bean Bucket

The Bean Bucket

This simple formula can help you achieve wealth, to bring money into you live. Accessories needed for this spell:

A clean bucket with a plastic lid.
Package of dry beans.
Green pen.
Small bowl.

Clear, sanctify and bless the items for its magic in a holy space for welfare. Select 100 beans from the package. Use the pen to draw on each a green pentagram with the words :

I activate you, Symbol of wealth.

Lay the beans in the empty bucket. Move your arms around the bucket and say:

Every day my wealth increases, bean to bean, money to money, profit to profit. Close the lid and say : Making it happen!

Every day put a new bean into the bucket – but only one. Repeat the mantra. When putting the last bean, move the beans from the bucket to the empty bowl and start over again.

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