Love SpellsThe Firefly Love Spell

The Firefly Love Spell

Ingredients: a sheet of paper or an album, a set of crayons or markers.

Sit in a quiet location. It is preferable surrounded by nature, if you can, or in your room. You may want to burn the incense, and put your favorite cheerful music. Each has its own glow worm, and they are all different. The only way to know what it looks like yours – construct it yourself. Experiment with pens or pencils, coming up with a firefly. Fireflies never do harm or disobey, they are always good and full of love. If you prefer, you can create several versions of your firefly. You may want to surround him with magical symbols and runes. Now write on the body of the glow-worm your desire, love, compassion, healing, etc. Stretch your hands over each firefly and say:

Firefly, firefly

Buzzing and light

Firefly, firefly

Let (name your desire) to grow.

When once you have created your firefly, you can use it for many purposes, including sending messages of love and healing energy to your friends or family in need.

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