Love SpellsTurning into a Frog Spell

Turning into a Frog Spell

Ingredients: piece of cloth (the best – one of his old T-shirts), a big handful of sand mud, picture or a graphic  of your ex-boyfriend, a sewing needle, black thread, a bit of green paint and green marker.

If he really gave you bad time and ran away with another, remember that by and large it did you a favor. In any case, this spell will help others find it with the same rejection as you are. It would be more effective at midnight during a full moon. Gather your ingredients and find a quiet place where you do not get disturbed. Put a piece of cloth on a flat surface. Cover with dirt, and at the very top – the photo of the former. Gather the ends and sew them with a needle with black thread so as to obtain a bag. Take the green paint or marker and draw on the one hand the most disgusting toad. Leave under the moonlight on the night and  on morning, throw in the trash.

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