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The Magical Box Spell

This ritual can be used when you want to attract a new love into your life.

You will need :

1. Special small box, a small box or basket (bound with a cover), which has been linked to you with a romantic symbols or love relationships. It is important that you are comfortable with the appearance, as it should be beautiful and attractive to you. You may also build your own box and decorate it with various symbols (pictures, images and even photographs), which is often associated with love.

2. One red candle and one black candle

3. Glue

As the new moon phase begins, you will need to find things for to place in your box. This may be a personal symbol of love, romance and intimacy. When you collect 9 items, clean them from unwanted energies, and then charge them your love energy. Put the box and 9 items in an altar, or a pre made virtuous circle. Light both the red and black candles. You will need to take each of the nine items in your left hand by turn, and visualize how the love fills your life. Try to recall and experience the strong emotions and feelings that overflew you when you were in love. Then glue each of the items to the box, so that it would look stable – which symbolizes the stability and your commitment to the long-term relationships. If you have items in your collection that glue can easily ruin (such as wedding gloves for example), you can just put them in the box instead. Your intuition tells you where best to locate each item. If you have to take a specific person, you put his or her photo in front of your box. When your work is done, put the box in a special place in your house. This ritual will help you focus your energy field of love. And it will contribute to your wishes. You have to open the box regularly as well. Stare at your collection, visualize the love, joy, tenderness, understanding, in other words, what you would expect from the relationship. If you happen to have additional valuable items to add to your collection in the box, you can do this by arranging an orderly ritual.

Best of luck to you all. Blessed be!

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