Love SpellsHealing a Broken Heart Spell

Healing a Broken Heart Spell

Ingredients: sprig from the tree, the thick blue thread about 20 cm, each smoking a stick, a blue candle, a bowl with the ground.

In the Quarter Break a twig in half and say:

This represents a broken twig my broken heart and my sorrow. What used to be unharmed, is now experiencing the pain and suffering. I bear my heart to this place and at this time, so that it can find a path to healing and gaining new love.

Begin lace yarn around two sticks in the shape of eight, wrapping as much as possible, and say the following:

I associate this thread that is broken,

Healing balm of the words will flow,

I am a healer’s own heart

And now, my healing will begin.

Now hold the wand over the candle flame (carefully, the thread can catch on fire!) With the words:

Spirits of Fire, let the heat again to come into my heart.

Then soak them in the smoke of incense, saying:

Perfume the air, let the joy come back into my life.

Now sprinkle a bit of land on the sticks with the words:

Spirits of the Earth, let me come back stability to my life.

After that, take your rod to the river or the sea, throw it as far as possible with the words:

Spirits of Water, please accept this symbol of my heart, and clean off the yoke of all the hurtful words and actions. Let me feel the touch of your healing magic inside me. In the name of the Old Gods, so be it!

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