RitualsExercise – Assimilation with the God and Goddess

In this article I will explain about assimilation with the God and Goddess ( and show you a practical exercise that will bring you as close as possible to the deities, exercise that will unite you with the Gods and let you use their energy in your practice.

It is a very powerful exercise, exercise that will get you closer to the God and Goddess, let you feel its energies and use it for your own good.

This exercise should be performed first thing in the morning, the hour won’t matter, just stand up right before the sun, natural environment is preferred but if it is not possible for you to get outside, you can just use your window. Soak the energy of the sun, the energy that is given to you by the deities, feel its warm light touch on your skin and enjoy the feeling of light euphoria it gives you.

You can first try to search for God names, names you can use later, you will find many and one of the examples I can give you is Osiris, one that is very well known.

Use the God names and chant the names, you can use both God and Goddess names. Choose the one you prefer and use it, or use multiple God’s names in you chants.

You do not have to see the God, no need in visualizing. Visualizing can bring certain limitation to the process so just assimilate into the energies flowing from the sun in your direction. Do not fear bad weather or clouds, God’s energy will reach you even in most difficult conditions. Do not let your thoughts or anything else to disturb your from the process, reach out with emotions, open your mind and flow with higher energies, bring yourself to the next level of comprehending the world, become a part of it, united. Call the God with your own words, tell him what your feel, express your emotions and desires, give yourself to the God and receive the deity inside you, become one and see the reality with true wisdom.

To get closer to the God and the Goddess, practice this exercise for a week and you will probably feel much closer to the Gods. There is of course a slight chance that a single week won’t be sufficient and you’ll need more time. If this is the case then do not fear, you can go ahead and continue with the exercise until you feel comfortable with the deity. One of the wonders of Wicca is that the deity is inside us, it is true God within.

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