Candle Magic

The spell caster’s work with candles can be simple or complex, depending on the type of spell or ritual. Candle magic can be worked on alone in your sacred space, or in combination with another form of popular or ceremonial magic for almost any situation. The factors that play a role are :

Color of the candles;

Type of oil, which you use on the candles;

Signs (magic symbols), cut in the candle;

A divine energy, which you need when lighting a candle;

Grass, which is dispersed or placed at the base of candles.

You don’t have to necessarily use herbs or magical characters, if you do not want to. Many witches place candles with dried herbs. Of course, if you want, you can make candle magic very complex and detailed. For this, you need to know the match colors divine force and energy, aromatic oils, as well as to astrological calculations. Spell casters cast candle spells for five, seven or nine days, using runes, astrological and planetary associations. for the magic spell to be durable for a long time you must light a specific amount of candles each day for several days. You can create a whole ritual that accompanies the candle magic. In short, when you are working with candle magic, there is no limit to your imagination and creativity.

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