Magic Circle

The magic circle is a sacred space, a kind of temple, in which Wiccans perform witchcraft. The circle helps us gain magic power to protect us from negative energy, and fine-tune the desired image during the ritual. Creating a magic circle is a fairly simple knowledge that needs to be learned at the first stage of your training. There are several ways of creating it but we will describe only one example of setting it up.

Stand at the center of the room to relax and pull the right arm so the arm will be forward and down. Then start cross the circle clockwise, while visualizing the flow of energy emanating from your hands. This represent that around you gradually raises a holy wall, the energy barrier. When the wall is built, say the the following spell :

I cast up you on the great circle forces you to a boundary between my life and the world superpower powerful spirits, a meeting place of love and faith, peace and joy filled the strength that I will rise in you. Before the custodians north, east, south and west-Help me in this sacred cause. In the name rings and ruler. I cast up you on the great circle of power!

The circle should not be too large. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in it. To mark a quarter choose objects that symbolize the four elements. In the north, this will be a cup with salt or land south candle west-Pen or lit up aromas, to the east could be the bowl of water. Improvise! If you create a circle in nature, go to the northern part of the circle, move it up and say :

What exists in heaven,  also exists on earth. Terms shall be sealed!

Draw it in the ground. So you would create a floor and ceiling range. If you work at home, it is sufficient to hit on the floor. After the establishment of  the circle it is better not go beyond its limits as it is a violation of the terms of the structure and it will create cracks through which you could escape into a negative energy field.

When you need to remove the circle, the circle should go counter-clockwise, visualizing as the energy returns to you in the arm, and the wall disappears. -Hit palms on the floor and say :

The range is open, but not destroyed We are, we force. We are the creators of change. It is good to meet and depart from joy! Until a new meeting.

The circle could be material, it could be the border of stones, shells, flowers, lit candles. This will help you to adjust your pattern, make a special ritual of beauty and mystery.

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