Wicca & Witchcraft SpellsPink Elephant Meditation Technique

This amazing technique is suitable for those moments when you have a bad mood, negative emotions or plain and simple stress. It can always be used to summon good spirits, change your energy levels and direction. Positive energy direction is as important as the air you breathe – without positive energy nothing good can happen.

Find a convenient place and prepare everything you need to feel calm and relaxed. Remove any objects which can bring in negative thoughts and energies – that’s not something you need during the meditation. Try to stay alone as much as possible or at least try to find a quiet place where no one will bother you, the place should be as quiet as possible. If you don’t have a room you can use – a local public library will do, meditation is internal exploration, don’t be afraid if you think about other people reaction. No one will understand what is it that you are actually doing, most will think that you are resting for a moment. You can search for a public park in your city, take some distance from people and that will do it. If you live outside the city everything is much simpler with the nature around you, it can be anything, forests, lakes, rivers, mountains. Anywhere you can be alone and no one is able to disturb you.

The meditation technique is very simple and suitable for children as well, it could be a fun and relaxing experience for the whole family. Let’s try it.

Sit and make yourself comfortable, it doesn’t matter what you sit on, the most important factor here is your comfort and safety feeling. Take your time to find the spot and position, take deep breathes and feel how calmness spreading through your body , flows of warm and very subtle energy will overtake everything else around you – keep going and at some point the energy will become light and powerful, flowing as steady current. The feeling is amazing! Enjoy it while moving to the next step; Imagine that a happy pink elephant is flying towards you and at first he will appear small, very small but if you give it some time it will begin to grow more and more. If you pay attention you’ll notice that the elephant is radiating with energy, same energy that flows through your body. Nothing stands between you and the elephant, he is getting closer and you can see at this stage that he is smiling at you, the energetic flow is positive and very powerful, be careful not overdoing it, concentrate on the elephant as he is getting closer. He is getting closer and closer, don’t be afraid, it is natural and expected. You have to reach the moment when the elephant touches you and amazing thing will happen – you pass through the elephant and become a pink elephant yourself! You start to grow and get bigger and bigger. You notice that there are children that stop when they see you, they wave their hands and smile. The energy you feel is getting warmer and warmer – continue until you feel calm and relaxed. Enjoy the feeling as long as you don’t break the meditative state – it depends on you how long you’ll be able to be in this state but like with everything else – practice longer and you’ll be able to sustain it for longer periods.

Don’t forget to practice the meditation anywhere and anytime (quiet place still needed), the pink elephant can change your life for the best.


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