The Broom

A broom is used in magical practice as a purifying tool. For example, prior to the ritual the place is cleaned with the broom. This is more than a physical cleaning of a place – the twigs in the broom don’t even have to face the ground. After the purification set the altar, place other tools and begin the ritual. It is also a powerful tool against evil spells. Having the broom stand in your house, means that your home and the people in it are guarded and safe from evil spells. Putting the broom under the blanket guards the sleeper and brings him pleasant dreams. The instrument is linked to purify water and is used in all types of magic waters. A broom is a sacred instrument to the Goddess, and God.

Old recipe manufacturing brooms : birch twigs, tree cleansing and used for works; Stick made of ash, which has protective properties, and is used to bind properly, sacred tree of the Goddess.

Wicca Spells 2020