Wicca & Witchcraft SpellsWhat Wiccans Don’t Do

What Wiccans Don’t Do

The Wiccans do not do the following:

1. Cause physical, mental, emotional or magical damage. They take an oath to help people, not harm them.

2. Do not deal with the black magic – as seen in different movies shown at the cinema. We know : what we might do in this world or the world of magic, all will be returned to us – triple the amount of damage caused. If you do good, you get rewarded. If you do evil, you pay a price – and, may I add, charges might be very high.

3. Fly using broomsticks. We buy cars and travel by road, just like everybody else. If we need to go to up to the skies, we use the airlines.

4. We do not kill animals (as well as any living beings). Animals are part of the spirit, and the murder of animals is as bad as murdering people. Indeed, we are all part of one whole.

5. Aren’t involved in any criminal activity. We believe that by taking away from someone is reflected as taking away from yourself.

6. How warping characters any other religion, such as the Christian cross or Star of David; not desecrate graves and statues of saints.

7. Christianity seems to state that there seems to be a Devil. We do not believe in Satan, and not say his name, because call evil means to give its forces.

8. We do not believe in hell. We are responsible for their actions and pay for it either in this life or the next.

9.We do not use satanic symbols. The five angled star, enclosed in a circle symbolizing the four elements of nature and man of the Spirit. The pentagram has nothing to do with the devil, whatever it may say.

10. We do not undergo an initiation ceremony that deals with witchcraft. But in groups where there is government and the explicit membership, ceremonies like that take place. You can not do such ceremony by yourself, although you can devote oneself to the God and the Goddess.

11. We do not become Wiccan overnight. Today Christians, Wiccan tomorrow? That kind of thing does not happen. Education sorcery requires much effort, perseverance and dedication. You can not write a theater play, wear a black dress, dye nails into an ugly color, and call yourselves a sorcerer. Witchcraft is not the variety of fashion and luxury.

12.Do not cast love spells to bring another person to separate the two people for their own benefit, or any other way to break a man’s free will. Our efforts are aimed at achieving love and harmony, but we can manipulate people.

13. We do not gossip to the right and left of their affairs. We adhere to the principle of pork pyramid : know dare, and wish to remain silent. “Knowing” means that we are in a constant search for truth and strong in its faith. “Daring” means that we are not afraid of the unknown, not afraid to be unlike other and learn. “Wanting” means that we focus on the spiritual improvement. “To be silent” means that we are aware of the great force of unspoken thoughts. If we start to talk about their magic other people, especially those far from our faith, our work would lose much of its force. We share secrets only with ourselves, and do not dispute the right of other people to their treasured knowledge.

14. We do not charge fees for witchcraft or blessing, but may seek to recover the funds that we use for work.

15. We do not attack people. But they are not protected when we are attacked. But if the witch does not worship Satan and do not enter into a deal with the devil, why people are afraid of such ? People are simply afraid of what they do not understand, but some people do not seem to understand the meaning of magic. We stand for improving ourselves and others. It may be scary for those who do not want to change anything in their lives.

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