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Signs and Symbols of Wicca

Christians enjoy cross as a sacred symbol and Jews enjoyed Star of David.

Wicca followers have their sacred signs and symbols that are connected with the spirit. The most common (and misconceived) symbol, of course, is the pentagram, or the five angled star. A pentagram is concluded in a circle called pentaklem. The symbol of the circle stands for nature Water, Fire, Air, Earth and the human spirit, surrounded by endless love (range) spirit.

A pentagram painted in the left bottom corner up, turns negative energy, and a pentagram which is from the top to the bottom left corner encourages positive energy.

Holy spiral, a very ancient symbol associated with dance energy in the sorcerer world. The clockwise spiral picture holy serves to bring things or phenomena; Painted anti-clockwise, the sacred spiral disowned by your negative energy. It also symbolizes our domestic travel, as if we do not know ourselves, it can not hope to know the world around them. In wicca rituals often use “spiral dance.”

The symbol of the goddess stands as a feminine aspect of the spirit, women’s mysteries and divine healing. The symbol indicates three main phases of the moon. Wise use this symbol to connect with the divine femininity, and use it as a sign of loyalty ruler.

Symbol of God indicates a male perspective of the spirit, it is used in rituals solstice, reverence for God and fertility. It is widely used to Yol and Lit. The symbol indicates a horned god.

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