Wiccans StoriesHelen Kuhn Weight Loss Journey

Helen Kuhn Weight Loss Journey

With pleasure will I Helen Kuhn tell my story.
I Am from South Afica, new to Wicca. I was a little scared at first but being a firm believer of reincarnation and my own believe of a higher energy; I decided let me do a(115KG) weight loss spell on my self and see what the outcome will be (all my life I have struggled with my weight) many nights I’ll browse through the network on my new Blackberry mobile lol looking for the easy spell.
Then I stumbled upon the Wicca Magic Spells and downloaded it, I don’t have all the fancy stuff most spells use,so I did the skinny Spell and doing a healthy eating plan, after 6 weeks people and family gave me complements how good I’m looking, surprised that they notice, I’m so happy. Now I’m in my 4th month still going strong my weight goal is now only 20kg away.
In the mean time I have helped my daughter keep her job (banishing spell) an my dear friend of 20 years to let her Supervisor stop making bad reports about her (freezing spell).
That for a new Wiccan believer.

Helen Kuhn Before Helen Kuhn After

Love and Light
Helen Kuhn

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