Love SpellsSpell for Being Irresistible

Spell for Being Irresistible

Ingredients: a piece of pink or white cloth, a small shell, a new key (or washed in salt water), a tuft of his hair or his picture, two sewing needles (connected red, better wool, thread), a piece of white tape 15 cm, your favorite perfume spray.

This spell will make you irresistible to him/her at any time. It is better to start at midnight under a full moon. Take all the ingredients except the tape, and put them on a piece of tissue. Close your eyes and imagine you are surrounded by golden light, filling you with love and energy. Sprinkle ingredients in a small amount of perfume, now pick up the ends of the fabric and tie a white ribbon so as to obtain similarity bag. Wear this talisman love with you when you feel it necessary. You can store it in a safe place in your bedroom.

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