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The 12 Rules of Witches

Know Yourself

You must know your strengths and weaknesses and develop in accordance with that knowledge. Also, it means that you have to be yourself and not lie to yourself.

Know Your Witchcraft

This, we hope, is clear. We have to find a PUT and follow it diligently and not hastily.

Learn All You Can

This does not mean that we should seize on 100 things at once and not come to a conclusion. All of that you touch and start, must finish until the end.

Use Your Knowledge Wisely

Do not blindly spend your strength at all trifles and tell everybody your ways.

Strive to Balance

The balance in everything, like nature : a balance of light and darkness, strength and experience, male and female, for the balance, there is harmony.

Think about the Word you Choose

Do not clutter unnecessary words and you should not say anything that comes to mind. The words must be put with logic and consistency, you should always think before you say anything, because in the words placed great strength.

May there be Peace with your Ways

Same as with words. Things should be thoughtful, reasonable and brought to a conclusion, leaving energy tails.

Enjoy Life

It is natural and there is nothing wrong with it. It is experiencing life fully , if this is in line with your path and not detrimental to the surrounding world.

Feel the Rhythm of the World

Rhythms of nature, fertility cycles and phases of the moon should be your clock.

Breathe and Eat Well

That is useful and relevant environmental and agricultural cycles. Breathing should be deep and smooth.

Develop your Mind and Body

This means that there is no room for complacency, and always strive for better, improve and develop the body and new experiences.


Meditation relaxes the body and mind, a source of knowledge

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