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The Four Elements


This element is nearest to our home because it is our home. Earth is not land in the physical sense, but it is stable, solid and reliable. Earth is the basis of all natural elements. It was there most of the time. When we have to play, sit, stand, eat, sleep, work, grow plants, deal with money or try salt, we are working with the Earth. The land is fertile and abundant wealth. As the physical element, it is very positive, as the rest of nature is, as well as all life. Without it, the Earth does not exist. The magic work, Land manages all the spells and rituals associated with business, work, money, prosperity, fertility and so on. Rituals of this nature can be so simple as backfilling of representing your needs in the ground, walking in the countryside with visualization or drawing in the mud. The earth is a feminine spell. This makes her fertility. These properties led many civilizations turn away from it as creator of life, Mother Earth. Earth rules the north, because it’s is always cold and dark. Her color-green, the colour of plants and fields, the time of year-winter. It manages magic stones, tree nodes and paintings.


Air, the element of intelligence, a kingdom of thought, preceded any creativity. Speaking magical language, the air is clean as a simple visualization, which is a powerful tool for change. This movement also encouraged to visualize. It manages the spells and rituals for travel, knowledge, freedom, openness, disclosure of lies and so forth. The air can be used to open new mental abilities. Incantation air often accompanied by throwing something from the mountain or other high place so that the facility is physically connected with the elements of nature. Air, The male element, dry, violent and active. The element helps to talk, think and learn. Air manages east because that side dawn and wisdom. His color-yellow, the color of the sun at dawn and the time of year-spring. Air manages magic four winds, predictions and visualization.


Fire, the element of changes, the willingness and passion. In a sense, this element embodies all the magic, because magic in the sense of all the changes. Magic fire may scare, but it can often catch you with passion and appear quickly. The fire element is not cowardly. However, it is the most basic and often used. Fire, a kingdom of sexuality and passion. He as a “sacred fire” sex, and the spark of spirituality in all living beings. It is both a spiritual and a physical disaster. Fire ritual ceremonies, energy, power, sex, treatment, destruction (bad habits or illness) clearance, and so forth. Fire ceremonies usually include burning images, herbs or other things that can burn, use candles or inciting fires. Magic fire is near the home fires or candles. Fire is manly superior. It manages the south because of warmer all, his time of the year-summer, the color red. Fire manages magic candles.


Water, the element of dirt, unconscious, love and emotions. As water flows constantly evolving, emotions may not be long in one position, and all the time alternate. Water element shows acquisitions and development. It symbolizes the subconscious, because as it never sleeps, always in motion, the sea has never stopped or night or day. Water magic is performed for fun, friendship, marriage, wealth, happiness, care, recreation, dreams, cleaning and so on. Water ceremonies usually are throwing an object into the water. Water is a female element, the color blue, the color of the deep Sea, the time of the year, autumn, when rains irrigate land. The west-side light. Magic Waters connected with mirrors, sea mist and rain.

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