Many believe that is karma known only from eastern philosophy, but for centuries karma has been and remains an important part of occult thought of the west. For many animals and witches of Wicca and karma inseparable. The Law of Karma said that our position in this is our state and deeds in the past. All of our successes and failures is a result of our own affairs and thoughts.

The Law of Karma is global and comprehensive. Try to answer this question : Why does someone born Prince of Monaco, and one a native reindeer?

If everyone would be given free choice, how many takers would be willing to be born in the tundra? It can be assumed that there is a law that is stronger than human desires and capabilities, which determine who originate and where to live. All this is due to the law of Karma. According to the definition of occult karma means “cause and effect”. We are creating our lives. This means that we are and will always be responsible for all our acts and thoughts. We do things that ultimately decide for good or bad. To accept the concept of karma, you need to put the bias that everything bad is from hell. Such beliefs prevent us realize that things can be different, that our lives can be changed for the better. In terms of karma, randomness and coincidence is not the case, people do not come to us by chance, any act is a payoff in the tripling effect. In other words, for all the good and bad that we made, we get paid fully.

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