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The Myth of Creation

Back in the days, the world was asleep in the arms of black chaos. Then, in the dark heart of emptiness the spirit was born, establishing our ruler of her infinite love. The ruler was dancing in heaven, and steps have been the rhythm of creation. Sparks, frustrated with her hair, producing stars and the planet. While she felt, celestial bodies began to move with it in the divine symphony of the universe. When her dance accelerated, she created land, sea and mountains. She sang words of love and joy, and when the sound of her voice fell to the ground, it produced trees and flowers. The clean white light of her breath appeared paint universe filled all that is a shining splendour. On her loquacious sounds of laughter born of water pouring down, but her tears of joy were vibrant rain.

When her dance slowed, the ruler began to seek a partner, which was able to share with her the wonders of the world, the spirit of a master. The essence master, together they could populate our planet. Strength master moved through it, and hurling land his blessings. Together they gave meaning and birth to birds, fish, animals and people of our world.

To protect and mentor people, the God and Goddess created angels and spirits. Their energy is always there with us, although we usually can not see them. The Goddess gave a magic song to each bird, and the Master gave each animal instinct for survival. The God rules over the animals and vegetable kingdoms, and his head crowned with a magnificent deer antlers. The animal aspect is the joy of his life in the spirit world creatures.

When the human race began to multiply and flourish, the God and Goddess saw the need for medicine, owned by the forces of nature. So they took power from the angel kingdom, animal kingdom and the kingdoms of life for sorcerers and witches. War brought wisdom master and ruler, skill and art of healing magic. Thy taught their children up a virtuous circle and talk to Spirit, and the Master taught them to communicate with the spirits of fire, air, land, water and wander freely on the animal and vegetable kingdoms.

Initially, people were lit and well received by them, but because witches were other people, some began to fear the wise which were created by the God and Goddess. These magic holders were hidden people. They were on their faith and called positive energy in deep secrecy to avoid capture and death at the hands of those who hated and feared them.

When the world’s chaotic darkness of ignorance, the Goddess chose pale moon face as a symbol of its soothing light and the Lord of the elected bright rays Sun as a symbol of strength and perfect love. Every month during the full moon, witches celebrate and remember the great blessings mother. We appeal to the energy that it gave us the strength to take care of ourselves, our families, friends and our world. Four times a year, when there is a change of seasons, witches fire suit celebration marking the master and his love for us. In the four quarters of the year witches talk about the cycle of life and praise the earth gifts.

The ruler has many names – Ishida, Astarta, divine wife, Diana, Arcadia, etc. It stands next to a woman of any race. The master has many faces, from the powerful as Tsernunna to the excellent Pan. He defends and protects us; Its strength is in every man of any race. When heaven thunder and lightning ignited, and the Lord and Ruler perform dance works, that we can remember them and know that we are not alone. With each sunrise we dip in the light of his love for us, and when the moon moves through its phases, we are to become acquainted with the cycle of birth, growth, death and rebirth inherent in the nature of man. When our time witches enter into a perpetual summer (in the tradition of the earth’s magic is a kind of paradise, where souls go after physical death to further their education and development). Through the spirit that moves and runs through master and ruler, we learn the great secrets of the universe eternal rebuilding and serve our brothers and sisters. In each of the next spirit gives us new lessons of wisdom and experience, and prepares us to meet our individual missions. Sometimes we are born among ourselves; In other cases, we have to find its “spiritual family.” Many do not recall that option until reaching maturity, but others instinctively know their heritage, as are just beginning to think independently.

We belong to the tradition of wise, once appeared on our planet. We are a hidden people returning from the dead in every race and every culture. We are earth angels.

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