Knot Magic

Knot magic is another relatively simple method, which can be used alone or in combination with other methods. Generally, in knot magic you have to do the following: choose the color and length of your cord. Determine what cord you will use, a disposable one or a reusable one. Select the energy of nature or deities, to which you apply. The knot magic usually uses red, white or black cords (colors of ancient goddess worship), a length of about 30-40 cm. After using the cord, you must give it to another person for whom you casted the spell for or get rid of the knot by yourself (burn or bury in the ground). Of course, you can experiment with any color or shade of the rainbow, the choice is up to you.

Knot magic has a special procedure for “charging”- it is when you charge every knot you make while casting a particular spell or singing a song. Afterwards, you must tie the knot tightly, making the tie look like an equilateral cross, and blurring oil on it. Further knot fate depends on the intentions of your work. If you want to get rid of negative energy or emotion, to immediately bury the power far away from home, or burn, and if you concentrate at healing and bringing desired things closer to you, leave the cord with you until you do not fulfill your goal. You relieve this spell by painting in the sky above the five-star pentagram and imagine how the magic goes out. As with any other work of magic, you must first accurately articulate its goal, and then define personal way of success. By tying knots, you get concentrated this way.

While doing this, you can say the following:

This knot is the first case. This second knot connects with fate. This third knot catches the power within. The fourth is thickening, the fifth gives direction, the sixth revives, the seventh returns. This eight knot was no one’s, but is now mine. This ninth knot no one will be guilty.

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