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The Persecution of Witches


Evil, even though we like to shift the blame onto others, does not belong to a foreign substance, which is everywhere. Wiccans firmly believe that we created all the evil in the world. We are often afraid to take responsibility for what has been built up our minds, hearts and hands. People have great pleasure in placing blame on any mythical substance (Devil, Satan, Lucifer), rather than admit their own mistakes. The Dark Age (From the V to XI century, which is characterized by mass ignorance and repression in the territory of modern Europe) Christian Church sought to get rid of witches and pagans to increase its power and property. In modern times, the church has developed a marketing plan for a successful sale of Christianity. As modern marketing firms used different methods to move their goods, including intimidation, torture and disinformation. During this period, the Church has included in its structure, many deep-rooted pagan beliefs.


The christmas tree, Easter eggs, Gargoyles figures for the protection of buildings of impurities, and so on.

The church let people believe in it and brainwash people to not let them feel too deprived. The church even canonized pagan gods and goddess-take, for example, St. Birgitta. When people could not avert from paganism through belief, Christians resorted to a more powerful means. According to historians, for the years of harassment of witches were killed more than two million people. In VIII century, a document entitled “Episcopal Pali”, which stated that any magic is an illusion. But at the same time, the church established the Inquisition-lethal weapons. The leaders of the Inquisition reversed it and staged a brutal persecution of innocent people throughout Europe. These bloody acts were associated with the blessing of the church. The most terrible massacres occurred in these centuries. By the time these fanatics Christian faiths were finally removed from wide spreading, the number of women dropped to alarming levels, and in towns and villages left no midwifes, healers, and female tellers. It was then that religious leaders changed the Bible, especially in a place where states : “Fortune tellers are not to be left alive.” Initially, was said : “Poisoner are not to be left alive.”

As can be seen, the Inquisition ruled with iron hand, and even changed the content of the Bible in order to have a free hand and free themselves from responsibility for their actions. In XVIII century reign of the Inquisition, draining almost all life’s juices from the people of Europe began to decline. Many historians call the beginning of the era of “Century of thought” in the sense that people finally began to talk about what is happening to them, rather than keep pace with the rest. In 1736 witchcraft ceased to be a crime punishable by death in England and Scotland. The last documented contested burning witches in the British Isles occurred in Scotland in 1722, when women were executed on behalf of Janet Horn. But if you look at the deeper history, we can see that even in the early XX century from time to time they hanged or burned women suspected of witchcraft.

Since then, much has changed, but some people, including clergy, are continuing to distribute numerous rumors about paganism, cast aspersions on our faith, but most sensible people understand that we are not causing any harm.

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