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The Magic Coin


The Magic Coin Spell   This is the spell that can multiply your wealth. It should be carried out with the rising moon on Thursday between 21-22 hours. You will need the following : 8 Green Candles Incense burner Pink oil Chamomile flowers Picture of Read More »

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Beauty Potion Spell


Beauty Potion Spell Create a positive atmosphere in the kitchen: candles, incense, the lighting, turn peaceful music (classical is very suitable), and start doing your beauty potion. In enamel saucepans cook one orange crust (do not forget to wash it). Prepare a fresh carrot juice. Read More »

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Forgetting your old love


Forgetting your old love spell Sometimes it is difficult for people to forget their old love. They remind themselves again and again in their mind the details of the collapsed relationship, thus ruining their lives and not giving opportunities to develop a new relationships. This Read More »

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Leaves of the Laurus


Leaves of the Laurus Love can create a sense of isolation from the fact that you can not see a loved one next to you. You can call upon your loved ones by throwing a couple of leaves from a Laurus bonfire or a boiling Read More »

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The Magical Box


The Magical Box Spell This ritual can be used when you want to attract a new love into your life. You will need : 1. Special small box, a small box or basket (bound with a cover), which has been linked to you with a Read More »

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Healing a Broken Heart Spell


Healing a Broken Heart Spell Ingredients: sprig from the tree, the thick blue thread about 20 cm, each smoking a stick, a blue candle, a bowl with the ground. In the Quarter Break a twig in half and say: This represents a broken twig my Read More »

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Disposal of a Rival in Love Spell


Disposal of a rival in love spell Ingredients: a sheet of paper, envelope, garlic clove, violet candle. Write the name of the opponent on a sheet of paper. If you do not know the real name, create a magical name. Cut the garlic clove and Read More »

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Aphrodite Love Spell


Aphrodite Love Spell Ingredients: a square or a circle of pink or crimson fabric (which does not fade), 10 cm in diameter, 20 cm suitable tape two or three teaspoons of dried thyme. Place the cloth on your altar, or just become a face to Read More »

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Love Spell with the “Does he love me” Flower


Love Spell with the "Does he love me" Flower Ingredients: daisy (camomile), a bowl of water Focus on a clear image of the person who you like. Keep your flower petals one by one and throw one into the water. Repeat the old spell "He Read More »

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About Wicca and Wiccans


About Wicca and Wiccans Craftsmanship (another known term for Wicca) has several features : 1. In Wicca there is a hierarchy (I am talking about classic Wicca, namely Old Faith). In coven (Wicca Organization) there are usually primary priest or priestess. They head the Sabbaths Read More »

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