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The Magical Dagger


The Magical Dagger The magic dagger is a part of ancient history. In Wicca it is used to channel energy, during rituals and incantations. The dagger, edged or obtuse, preferably with black or dark-black handles well collects and amass power. When the dagger used in Read More »

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Pink Elephant Meditation Technique


Pink Elephant Meditation Technique This technique is suitable for those moments when you have a bad mood, you have negative emotions, and are under stress. It can be used and bring in good spirits. Take a convenient place to relax in. Take deep breaths and Read More »

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Magic Circle


Magic Circle The magic circle is a sacred space, a kind of temple, in which Wiccans perform witchcraft. The circle helps us gain magic power to protect us from negative energy, and fine-tune the desired image during the ritual. Creating a magic circle is a Read More »

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Magical Bell


Magical Bell A bell – an old ritual instrument. Ancient bells produce sound vibrations filled with force, in accordance with the completeness, and the tone of the material bell. Bell – A female symbol and often used in rituals of Goddess. Bell also discourages belief Read More »

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Singing and Musical Instruments in Wicca


Singing and Musical Instruments in Wicca When we sing, play flute or pound on a drum, we produce sounds. Through these sounds spirit, we pray to our spirit. The rhythm soothes the mind and allows it to move in the so-called “alpha condition” natural for Read More »

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Candle Magic


Candle Magic The spell caster’s work with candles can be simple or complex, depending on the type of spell or ritual. Candle magic can be worked on alone in your sacred space, or in combination with another form of popular or ceremonial magic for almost Read More »

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Grounding Meditation Technique


Grounding Meditation Technique This technique is required when you are under stress at work or in school. Sit on a chair, put your feet on the ground. Take a deep breath, and while breathing, imagine that negative energy exits through your feet to the ground. Read More »

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The Broom


The Broom A broom is used in magical practice as a purifying tool. For example, prior to the ritual the place is cleaned with the broom. This is more than a physical cleaning of a place – the twigs in the broom don’t even have Read More »

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Moon Phases


Moon Phases Possible forms of the New Moon: • fatigue, depression; • A good time to start new things, but no earlier than 12 hours after the accurate New Moon phase. Possible forms of the Half Moon: • surplus of power; • nervousness, aggressiveness. Possible Read More »

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Concentration Technique This is a very common and simple meditation technique. Sit down comfortably, while keeping your back straight. Don’t move around, it could release the energy. Take a deep breath. Keep the air for 2-3 seconds, then slowly exhale. Continue breathing until you feel Read More »

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