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Candle Magic


Candle Magic The spell caster’s work with candles can be simple or complex, depending on the type of spell or ritual. Candle magic can be worked on alone in your sacred space, or in combination with another form of popular or ceremonial magic for almost Read More »

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Grounding Meditation Technique


Grounding Meditation Technique This technique is required when you are under stress at work or in school. Sit on a chair, put your feet on the ground. Take a deep breath, and while breathing, imagine that negative energy exits through your feet to the ground. Read More »

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The Broom


The Broom A broom is used in magical practice as a purifying tool. For example, prior to the ritual the place is cleaned with the broom. This is more than a physical cleaning of a place – the twigs in the broom don’t even have Read More »

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The Wand


The Wand A wand is a key tool in Wicca. It is used in religious ceremonies by the sorcerer and a witch for thousands of years now. The wand is a tool of summoning, which can summon the God and the Goddess to monitor the Read More »

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Moon Phases


Moon Phases Possible forms of the New Moon: • fatigue, depression; • A good time to start new things, but no earlier than 12 hours after the accurate New Moon phase. Possible forms of the Half Moon: • surplus of power; • nervousness, aggressiveness. Possible Read More »

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Concentration Technique This is a very common and simple meditation technique. Sit down comfortably, while keeping your back straight. Don’t move around, it could release the energy. Take a deep breath. Keep the air for 2-3 seconds, then slowly exhale. Continue breathing until you feel Read More »

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The Four Breaths Technique


The Four Breaths Technique The main objective of the technique is to release the body and mind, and it must be done before the rituals and meditations. There are many complex techniques, but this one is pretty simple, suitable for almost everyone. It consists of Read More »

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The Persecution of Witches


The Persecution of Witches   Evil, even though we like to shift the blame onto others, does not belong to a foreign substance, which is everywhere. Wiccans firmly believe that we created all the evil in the world. We are often afraid to take responsibility Read More »

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The Knot Magic


Knot Magic Knot magic is another relatively simple method, which can be used alone or in combination with other methods. Generally, in knot magic you have to do the following: choose the color and length of your cord. Determine what cord you will use, a Read More »

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The Four Elements


The Four Elements Earth This element is nearest to our home because it is our home. Earth is not land in the physical sense, but it is stable, solid and reliable. Earth is the basis of all natural elements. It was there most of the Read More »

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